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Comming Up: Fly Fishing Course 23rd February 2017 (Read More)

What’s On This Month

February 2017

February 6th. Waitangi Day.  For those anglers still in the work force, an opportunity for an extra days fishing. Plan for it, make it happen.

February 11th. Ladies Day.  A fishing excursion especially for our lady anglers. There will be the “odd” male around to help the mundane chores like cleaning the catch, but primarily, its a day for the ladies. Convener, Nigel Wilkinson.

 February 13th. Fly Tying  Meet at the club rooms 7pm, and take advantage of some top quality tuition from some of the best fly tyers in the club.

 February 16th. Committee Meeting. Your committee will keep the club moving forward. If you have concerns that you want addressed, let the club secretary know, and they can be addressed in General Business.

 February 17th. BBQ. A very popular event with lots of good food and great company.The club will supply the meat required, your contribution is either a side dish or desert to accompany the meal.

 February 24th to 26th. Otamangakau Weekend. One of our most eagerly anticipated fishing trips. This is your opportunity to fish a lake known for its trophy fish, but it will require you to put a little thought and planning into the conditions you are likely to encounter.

Please consult with the trip convener [Gavin Corbett] to make sure you have your accommodation sorted, and a good understanding of the gear you will need.


A to Z Fly Fishing Course Reviews

On the recently run course, three of the students hooked their first ever trout on a fly, here is some comments from the students;

“Six weeks ago if you told me I was going to catch a trout fly fishing, on a lake I had never heard of, I beg you might forgive my lack of faith.”

Over the six week course, which was held on a Thursday evening at the clubhouse, Roger and his team of invited tutors, did an amazing job of unveiling the mystique that sometimes is associated with fly fishing.For me, the session on Entomology stood out…….such huge enthusiasm and knowledge, from such an unassuming expert, was fantastic.However, the fly tying sessions gained huge praise from other participants………….. the knot tying session, was also fantastic…..very simple, clear instruction, which made you feel like you could achieve it, and was supported with great resources.”

The course was absolutely amazing not only was the content extremely informative but the delivery from Roger and other members was fantastic displaying at all times a tremendous amount of passion towards fly fishing.

I felt extremely at ease to ask any question as silly as I felt that it may have been and always received a warm inviting answer. At the first practical day after a few hours I felt for the first time ever the loading of the rod which reminded me of the first time I rode a bike although it did take both Joe and Roger after everybody left a little time to get me there. On the second practical day at Lake Okaro, I was lucky enough to get more one on one tuition, with Dave spending all morning helping me to understand the techniques of fly fishing.”