Trout in Chives and crushed Ginger with wine and Lemon sauce

This recipe was generously given to RAA by Graeme (Wally) Dale,famous cook of wild Game and fish, he calls this his “signature dish’.  Also as printed in RAA newsletter August 2012.

  • Butter and margarine – about two teaspoons of each
  • Chopped chives – about half of a 5.0 gram packet
  • Crushed ginger – two teaspoons
  • Juice of one lemon – about 50 mls
  • White wine – 100 mls

One trout about 2.0kg – filleted, skinned, boned and cut into suitable sized pieces. About six pieces each side. (Those really nice fat trout with the bright flesh are ideal for this dish)

Turn on warming drawer and put in a serving dish for the trout.

Arrange the dish so it is on a slight angle. This will allow the juices that run off the trout to pool in the bottom corner.
Put frying pan on to a medium heat and melt the butter and margarine.
Add the chives and fry gently for two to three minutes.
Add the crushed ginger and fry gently and stir to mix everything togeather.
Try and have the chives/ginger mix spead as evenly as possible over the bottom of the pan.
Add the trout pieces and fry on both sides – about one minute per side. The trout needs to be only just cooked (even slightly underdone) then remove to the dish in the warming drawer to rest.
The trout may need to be fried in two batches. If this is the case, just add more chives and ginger before frying the second batch. About half as much as was initially used.
Once the trout pieces are resting, tip out any excess of the butter/margarine mix (if this is required) and return pan to heat.
Add the white wine to deglaze the pan and then add lemon juice.
Stir gently until this sauce has reduced by about half. Spoon out any juice that has run off the trout and add to the pan.
Stir again until sauce has reduced a bit more. It won’t thicken, but should be a nice yellow to golden colour.
Get the serving dish out and arrange the trout pieces evenly. Pour over the sauce and serve.

This dish goes well with potatoe bake recipes and coleslaw.

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