January Fly Of the Monh

Mrs-SimpsonFly Of The MonthMrs Simpson

Instructor – John McCarron

Hook Size 4-10

Thread #8

Lay on base thread leaving 3/4 mil for head. Tie in black squirrel tail equal to length of body, tie forward past mid point cut the tail off on angle.

Take thread to back of hook, select feather and strip off surplus, lay feather on side of hook and secure 3 x turns. Pull feather into position. Same on opposite side to match, trim off stalks.

Tie in red / yellow wool (red for night yellow for day) bring forward past half way point and secure. Take thread back 2/3 mil select two more feathers and secure as previous, trim stalks. 

Tie in wool on reverse side of hook, take thread back to feathers and wind wool forward. Select four feathers, tie in two each side of hook, trim stalks. Build a bullet shaped head and cement. 



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