February Fly of the Month

Instructor: Larry Ware
Hook: Dry fly hook, #12 – 14
Body: Peacock Herl
Tag: Gold flat tinsel
Hackle: Dark Furnace
Tie thread starting 3mm from eye of
hook to leave room for hackle.
Cut the tinsel at an angle and tie on
above the bend of the hook. Take
2 turns if the tinsel around hook
shank, so there is a short band of
gold for the tail/tag, then tie off
and trim.
Line up 3-4 strands of peacock herl
and tie the ends (either butts or tips) in just above the gold tag. Twist the
peacock herl around the thread, then wind from bend to 3mm from eye.
Wind back and forward again to make a fat body, then tie off.
Tie in a furnace hackle in front of the body, making at least 4 turns.
Whip or half hitch finish.

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