Rotorua Anglers Association Cups, Trophies and Awards for 2015/2016

  • Hamills Sports Ltd Trophy Heaviest Rainbow Trout.
    • Chris Taylor 3.8 kg Rainbow, Lake Okataina.
  • Jack England Cup Heaviest Brown Trout – Male Senior
    • Dave Field 3.9 kg Lake Rotoiti.
  • Beamish-White Trophy and Honours Board Best condition factor  Trout overall caught by any method:
    • Neal Hawes c/f 68.87 Lake Rotoiti.
  • Dave Ellery Trophy Best condition factor Brown Trout:
    • Nigel Wilkinson c/f 52.2 Mohaka River.
  • Maureen Doherty Memorial Trophy -Heaviest Brown Trout – Lady Senior
    • No entries.
  • CES Taylor Cup Highest aggregate condition factor for bag of 4 trout caught on one day:
    • Neal Hawes c/f 55.0475 Lake Rotoiti.
  • O’Keefes Cup Heaviest Trout caught on a club trip:
    • Neal Hawes  2.82 kg Lake Okataina.
  • Westpac Trophy Heaviest Trout caught out of the district and not on a club trip:
    • Nigel Wilkinson Lake Otamagakau.
  • Wyn Johnston Memorial Trophy – Best condition factor Brown Trout – Lady Senior
    • No entries.
  • Doug Lynch Memorial Trophy – Best condition Trout caught by a lady:
    • Charlotte Wilkinson c/f 65.84 Rainbow, Lake Aniwhenua.
  • Richard Randell Memorial Trophy – Heaviest Rainbow trout caught by a lady angler:
    • Heather Fargher 4.33 kg, Rainbow Lake Rotoiti.
  • Kilwell Prize Heaviest Trout caught by a junior:
    • No entries.
  • Jack Bell Memorial Trophy – Best Condition Factor Rainbow Trout – Male Senior
    • Neal Hawes- cf 68.87 Rainbow, Lake Rotoiti.
  • Honey McGregor Trophy Best condition factor Rainbow Trout – junior
    • No entries.
  • Presidents Trophy – Heaviest Trout caught by any member
    • Heather Fargher 4.33 kg LakeRotoiti.
  • Gerry Watt Memorial Trophy – Best condition factor Brown Trout – junior:
    • No entries.
  • Stephen Hutton Memorial Trophy Most sporting junior angler of the year:
    • Not awarded
  • Bass Jackson Memorial Trophy Best newsletter article:
    • Joe Fleet “Slice of life”
  • Ken Nairn Memorial Trophy – Heaviest trout caught lightest line:
    • Dave Field 3.9 kg on 2.7 kg tippet.
  •  Art City Photo Award  
    • Larry Ware “Fishermans Haven”.

    Incentives include

    $10 voucher for the fish of the month both senior and junior, kindly donated by Hamills  Rotorua.

    A free senior full season fishing licence, drawn from all entrants, at the prize giving, (the more entries you submit the more chances you have).

    The satisfaction of winning a trophy with your name engraved on for posterity, and a miniature to keep.

    To make it much easier for you, all you have to do is register your scales for the current season. This will be possible any Friday night at the clubrooms, then just have a witness confirm your entry. You can even weigh your fish in a plastic shopping bag then release it afterwards.

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