Rotoiti night trip May 2013

Eleven members of the Rotorua  Anglers Association took part in this trip which is designed to introduce members to winter shoreline night fishing.

The evening started at 4.00 pm with a BBQ at the pipe and then anglers spread themselves along the Hinehopu shoreline. The weather was fine with a light SE wind – perfect.

Some anglers fished through the change of light while other hardy souls (read this as mad) fished  till nearly midnight. The fishing was hard which may be due to the continued warm weather which has probably  delayed the winter spawning.

In spite if this four fish were landed and 3-4 lost.

Hopefully there will be more fish to catch next year.

Thanks Neil for a great night out.

Below are some of the images captured on this night.

Rotoiti Day trip March 2013


A perfect forecast gave the green  light to the RAA Rotoiti day trip and 16 anglers in six boats set forth to do battle with Lake Rotoiti’s famed trout. We meet at Gisborne point, wished each other luck and arranged to meet at Puketapu point for lunch.

At lunchtime it was obvious that some had more success than others. Tactics, flies and locations were all discussed to help improve the catch rate.

In the afternoon most of us headed for the spot that gave Chris and Jenny all their fish in the morning and most of us caught fish as a result. (Thanks Chris and Jenny for that).

We finished at Gisborne point late afternoon to discuss the day and weigh fish for the club records.

Manuels 3.12kg was  fish of the month and Jenny nearly caught her first limit.

A big thank you to everyone for making this a successful day out, especially the skippers who provided boats.

Below are some of the images captured on this day

Rotoiti Day trip March 2013



Rotoiti Day trip April 2012

On the first of April a small mixed armada of boats set forth to try jigging and trolling for Rotoiti,s famed trout. A mixed bunch of anglers from hardened, weathered veterans to newbies all tried there hand at out witting these large lake trout. Fortunately in spite of the trout being told we were coming there were about 25 fish caught for the day with the best going 2.7 kg. Some anglers caught there first jigged lake trout so this was a highlight for them.

Below are some of the images captured on this day.