Ohope Saltwater Trip March 2012



Once again we were hosted for the weekend by long-time members Cliff and Lyz Soanes in their Ohope home, for the annual saltwater fishing trip.

Weather prospects for Friday were good, so most of us were at Cliff’s by 10am, ready to go. Terry, Daphne, Rod and Nigel went with Cliff on 38South, while Ailsa, Russell and David came with me on Idle Hour II. Both boats headed west, Idle Hour fishing in 20metres off the radio mast, 38South fishing closer to Whale Is.

Both teams did quite well, catching a variety of fish – mainly kahawai, snapper, and trevally, with Ailsa once again showing us how to catch kingfish (too small to keep, sadly). Kahawai were in great numbers, proving a nuisance at times – both teams lost count of those released. The Idle Hour team finished with slightly the better bag, bringing home 8 snapper, 1 trevally, and several kahawai. So along with the 38South bag, we had more than enough fish for the sumptuous meal we had that night.

Saturday’s weather proved even better than Friday’s, so we went to sea again. The Idle Hour team consisted of Woody, Ailsa and me, and we headed to the same area as the day before. We immediately started catching kahawai, the damn things becoming a plague. Woody kept a couple for smoking, but the rest went back. Because of this, a move was made – the fact that there was a bit of NE swell, proving too much for a couple of delicate stomachs, had nothing to do with the decision to move to calmer waters! Once in calmer waters in the lee of Whale Is. we started to catch snapper, along with a few monster kahawai which were all released. In the meantime the 38South team of Cliff, Nigel, Charlotte, Russell and Rod had wisely started at the eastern end of Whale Is. in relatively calm water. They were doing better than us, so we moved closer to them, anchoring in their berley trail – thanks Cliff. More kahawai, with enough snapper to keep us interested (a lot of small ones – see photo of Woody’s catch on his pink monstrosity lure). Honours were pretty much even, but once again the Idle Hour team won the day thanks to Ailsa’s catch of the trip, a 4.1kg snapper. The bags brought home were similar to the day before, so we had plenty of fish for everyone to take a few feeds home.

Once again, a very enjoyable evening included a great meal of barbecued kahawai fillets and salad followed by some wonderful desserts, and accompanied by fine beverages.

On Sunday, the NE swell was building, as was the NE wind, so the decision was made to fish in the harbour. In fact, only Nigel and Russell went out, catching several small snapper and trevally and getting some good sport with the inevitable kahawai. The rest of us opted for a “chill-out” morning, leaving for home around lunchtime.

Once again, a great club trip, helped immeasurably by the weather gods allowing us to get out to sea, unlike the previous couple of years.

Thanks again to Cliff and Lyz for being perfect hosts, and opening their home to us for a very enjoyable weekend.


Neal Hawes, convener


Ohope Photos



Tukituki River Trip April 2011

Larry, Brian, Rod, Ron, Martin, Gerry, Piet and Rika all left tha RAA clubrooms for the annual Tuituki trip. Accomodation was again the Hastings Anglers Club rooms. Fishing that afternoon revealed lots of scappy small fish that gave a good account of themselves on light 5 wt rods. Weather was changeable over the three days but 35 fish still hit the net. Highlights included Ron getting his truck stuck (4 wheel drive next year) , the flounder at the local pub and  we had our Scots member Martin Smith with us.

On the way back to Rotorua the Ngaruroa and Rangitaiki Rivers were all fished successfully.

Over all a very social trip and one for the calender next year.

A big thanks to Larry Ware.

Below are some of the images captured on this trip

Tukituki trip 2011

Tukituki River Trip April 2010

Seven club members departed for Patangata to stay at the  Hastings Anglers club rooms. Larry and  Byran decided to get in quick session before the main group arrivied and landed 2 nice fish within the first 10 mins. This boded  well for the next two days.

On  Saturday Billy, Tony and Jim headed upstream while Larry and Bryan headed downstream. (The ladies held the fort) The days tally was a respectable 31 fish.

On Sunday Larry, Bryan and Jim fished the Ngaruroro, Taruarau and also the Rangitikei River on the way home adding more fish to the weekends tally.

A wonderful weekend thanks to Larry.

Below are some of the images Larry captured during this stunning weekend.

Rotoehu 15 November 2009

The club fishing trip to Lake Rotomahana was changed to Lake Rotoehu due to the summer fire restrictions. Despite a dismal forecast 10 members decided to take their chances and some 40 something trout were landed and many lost. Below are some images from this day.  Thank you Peter West for a  great day.

Rotoehu 2009